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“You Can Kid the World. But Not Your Sister.”

I don’t know that I would have been a great sister to a … sister.  I’m not girly.  I can’t paint my own toes without getting stained cuticles, pink looks really bad on me, and I have burn marks all over my neck from failed flat iron attempts.  So I was given a little brother to torture.  […]

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Halle {Orange County Newborn Photography}

If I ever get arrested, it will be for kidnapping my neighbor’s baby.  Seriously, I cannot get enough of her.  She is only two months old but she has this little Yoda-like disposition, as if she has all the answers, and she smiles this little smirk that makes you want to bury her in kisses.  I first […]

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Maggie {Orange County Newborn Photographer}

Meet sweet little Maggie!  This precious girl will be mastering light sabers and Pokemon in no time … she joins three loving big brothers and smitten mommy and daddy (who you can see HERE and HERE).  I think it is fair to say that they are enjoying the plethora of pink in the house.  🙂 Maggie is […]

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The M Family {Orange County Photographer}

I totally love mixing up family sessions with a little at-home stuff, and some outdoor shots.  Love it.  A  little piece of real day to day life, mixed in with some gorgeous shots outside.  The M. Fam was a blast to work with, and I ended up with lots of favorites, so I will let the […]

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Why I Won’t Shoot Your Wedding {Orange County Family Photographer}

Sometimes I get requests to photograph weddings.  It is tempting, I’ll admit.  Two people over the age of 3, who can both look at the camera and smile at the same time, on the happiest day of their lives? Win!    Or … not.  See, weddings are like an entire different genre of photography.  Different equipment, different […]

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