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So Then We Got a Dog {Orange County Photographer}

The last two months have been insane.  Like, Mommy’s-Packing-This-Big-Bag-Because-She’s-Losing-It-And-Moving-to-a-Cave-Now-Go-Eat-Some-Fruit-Snacks-Mmmmkay? insane. We bought our first home (yay!) and moved (boo!).  Moving is … hard.  And a lot of work.  And, also, might I add, A LOT OF WORK.  All the packing, and sorting, and utility junk, and bills and school changes and work on the new home, etc. […]

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Faces of Nathan {Orange County Children’s Photographer}

I stuck my youngest in front of the camera last week … he lasted for about 7.32 minutes before sauntering off to play video games.  It was fun while it lasted. If-I-Look-At-Mommy-Like-This-Long-Enough-She-Will-Give-Me-Anything-In-The-World Nathan: Thinking-of-What-I-Can-Get-Out-of-This-Deal Nathan: I-Really-Want-That-New-Mario-Game Nathan … What-Do-You-Mean-No?!  Nathan: And, finally … Why-Mommy-Cropped-the-Top-of-His-Head-off-in-All-of-the-Above Nathan:   We’re going to the barber’s tomorrow.  🙂

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Gavin {Orange County Newborn Photography}

 Woooo!  Finally a boy, hahaha!  I met with sweet little Gavin’s family last weekend, and had so much fun with them.  Mommy and I actually went to high school together, and I had to laugh that here we are 10+ years later, talking about nursing and pre-schools and speech therapy.  Ha!  Times sure have changed.  […]

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Noelle {Orange County Newborn Photographer}

I know I say this all the time, but I truly LOVE the families I work with.  With newborn sessions especially, I feel so honored and grateful to be invited to be part of such an exciting and special time for the families of these little babies.  Noelle’s family was no exception … I could have sat and […]

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